Studies And Research References

We have provided some links to research studies and information we feel educates the reader in the electricity conservation effectiveness and market description. This content is solely the responsibility of the authors but they are items ThornProducts thinks are useful.

Smart Meters Alone Not Enough to Significantly Reduce Power Use

From Transmission and Distribution World highlighting a study from American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE).

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Energy Efficiency, First Priority in Solving Energy Issues

From Florida Solar Energy Center and includes useful home electricity usage pie chart

Hydro One offers free electricity monitors to 30,000 customers

This year and half long study by Ontario Electricity provider Hydro One showed that real-time electricity monitors helped homeowners reduce their consumption of electricity by up to 15% with an average reduction of 6.5%

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Google Comments to California Public Utilities Commission

These comments include importance of consumer access to near real time energy usage data.

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